RETAY USA’s All-New Antalya SS Premium Sporting Shotgun Was Worth The Wait!

After delaying the initial US debut due to COVID-19, RETAY USA’s entry to the premium target and upland market has finally arrived in an ultra-exclusive limited release for 2022

Receiver of Retay Antalya Shotgun
Receiver of Retay Antalya Shotgun

Easton Maryland, January 2, 2022 RETAY USA of EASTON MARYLAND announces the introduction of the ALL NEW Antalya SS sporting series of semi automatic shotguns in the United States. The long awaited Antalya SS will be available in an ultra-exclusive limited release of just 200 units and available at select RETAY dealers this summer. Each Antalya SS will come with a signed certificate documenting the limited nature of the individual firearm.

Designed for the sport shooting and upland enthusiast looking for a semi-automatic shotgun with superior accuracy and shot pattern consistency that can perform in a dual role as a competition sporter and an upland hunter. The Antalya SS is a shotgun that can take the shooter from an afternoon of sporting clays to a morning pheasant hunt without missing a beat, offering flexibility and performance in one feature packed platform.

Retay Antalya SS Elegant 12ga Upland Shotgun
Retay Antalya SS Elegant 12ga Upland Shotgun


The Antalya SS is being specifically introduced to showcase the benefits of RETAY’s advanced manufacturing capabilities in the area of drilled barrel production to the competitive target shooting market. As with all RETAY shotguns, the Antalya is a firearm crafted around the superb “Straight Shooting ™” Deep Bore Drilled Mara Barrel! These barrels are made from solid round steel bar stock that is drilled out end to end, honed, and polished to produce the straightest and most precise and accurate target barrels possible.

This is a painstakingly slow and expensive process but it has long been the preferred process and used in crafting the world's finest target barrels for shotguns.

Before chrome finishing the barrel inside and out, Retay takes the extraordinary step of adding an optimized lengthened forcing cone. In doing so RETAY saves its customers the time and expense of having the forcing cone length increase as an aftermarket process. It's important to note that by optimizing the forcing cone at the factory and applying a hard chrome finish over the forcing cone at the factory, the integrity of the chrome finish is not compromised in the same way as it would be by completing this step in the after market. This will, with no doubt, add years to the service life of the firearm.

Independent testing has demonstrated that RETAY deep bore drilled barrels have an average 20% improvement of shot pattern density when compared to traditional hammer forged barrels as well as a more consistent shot to shot deviation.

Another benefit of RETAY’s “Straight Shooting ™ “ Deep Board Drilled barrel crafting process is the elimination of point of aim / point of impact problems that exist in hammer forged barrels due to the stresses created during that manufacturing process.

The Antalya, like all other RETAY shotguns, shoot to where they are pointed; eliminating the need for guesswork or other clever compensating measures.

Like RETAY’s other offerings, the Antalya SS is powered by a proprietary in-line, inertia action based on the original design by Bruno Civolani. It will feature RETAY’s patented Inertia Plus System. Inertia Plus ™ is the world's most advanced and refined kinetic energy driven rotating shotgun bolt design.

Retay Antalya Shotgun Jet Black
Retay Antalya Shotgun Jet Black

The Retay “Inertia Plus System™” effectively eliminates misfires that have plagued inertia shotgun until now. The system uses an ingenious active torsion mechanism inside the bolt carrier body to apply added rotational force to the bolt head. The system essentially forces the bolt head to rotate into lock up with the breach even when conditions are less than ideal. At the same time, the “Inertia Plus System™” prevents unintended disengagement of the bolt head from the breach. If disengagement is caused by sudden jarring of the firearm or accidentally snagging the bolt on a branch while in the field, the “Inertia Plus System™” corrects itself, automatically returning the bolt to full lock up with the battery. The firearm remains ready for action and ready to fire without any intervention on the part of the operator.

The Inertia Plus System has been called “the first affordable, obvious, and substantial improvement to the Bruno Civolani action in 50 years” http://www.randywakeman.com/OntheRetayArmsInertiaPlusAction.htm

The Antalya SS features an innovative two-piece receiver design that mounts a steel chamber inside of the aircraft aluminum receiver making use of an alloy shroud to visually meld the two parts into one seamless receiver.

The remarkable receiver is milled from a billet of aircraft aluminum and on the “elegant Model” features decorative accents of traditional scroll engraving and grade 4 Turkish walnut.

The Antalya SS features RETAY’s patented quick-release trigger group with an ergonomic design specifically crafted to make loading easy. Additionally, the Antalya SS features a proprietary design that allows for the magazine tube to be emptied without the need to rack the action of the shotgun to eject shells; RETAY calls this system “Easy Unload ™”

Examples of the Antalya will be on display in the RETAY booth at the 2022 SHOT SHOW in Las Vegas BOOTH # 70911. Learn more at www.retayusa.com Questions and Inquiries should be directed to Retay US Operations ℅ jesse@teamretay.com


Available 2022 Production - 50 Units 28” Barrel / 50 Units 30” Barrel


Available 2022 Production - 50 Units 28” Barrel / 50 Units 30” Barrel

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