Incorporating their patented “Click Free” bolt system dubbed Inertia Plus ™; Retay’s ALL NEW Tactical shotgun dubbed the Masai Mara Warden adds depth to the popular product line.

WASHINGTON D.C. January 15, 2019 - RETAY ARMS LTD. STI. of Konya Turkey announces the introduction of its Tactical Masai Mara Warden Shotgun for 2019!

The Masai Mara Warden be available in 12ga with both 2 ¾ - 3” and 2 ¾ - 3.5” chambers and will incorporate RETAY’s patented “Inertia Plus ™ ” rotating bolt system.

Masai Mara Warden Shown with RTS System

The Masai Mara Warden will come loaded with special features designed with defense functionality in mind. The 18.5” ribless barrel is threaded to accept Retay’s removable MaraPro choke system and has been fitted with a raised blade style front sight. The upper receiver has been tapped and drilled for the included picatinny rail and a fully adjustable “Ghost Ring” rear sight is included with the shotgun. Additionally, the oversized tactical charging handle and paddle style bolt releases make the shotgun very easy to operate with gloved hands or in wet or limited visibility scenarios.

Front and rear sling swivels complete the package and make this approximately 6 ½ lb shotgun very easy to carry.

Setting the Masai Mara Warden apart from competitors are two systems developed specifically for the Masai Mara platform by Retay. The Retay Inertia Plus ™ bolt system and the RETAY RTS ™ ( Removable Trigger System ).

The RTS ™ System is a fully milled aircraft aluminum trigger housing that can be removed from the receiver of the shotgun simply by pushing a button hidden near the safety. It allows the operator to easily clean and maintain the firearm in the field without the need for tools. Safe storage capability is also improved because the trigger can be quickly removed and locked in a separate location from the shotgun itself.

The Retay Inertia Plus System™ is capable of effectively cycling lightweight and low recoil shotgun shell loads as well as heavy hunting loads. It also eliminates misfires by ensuring the system's rotating bolt locks into battery with the chamber under all conditions, while at the same time preventing unintended disengagement.

Learn More About Inertia Plus ™ :

Inertia Plus ™ is the world's most advanced and refined kinetic energy driven rotating shotgun bolt design.

Military and police forces have long sought an inertia operated semi-automatic shotgun platform to replace the heavier and more maintenance intensive gas operated shotguns commonly used. The traditional inertia bolt has a tendency to become dislodged from contact with the shell primer if the gun is bumped or jarred as it might be in a combat scenario. A bolt head not in full contact with the shell primer will not operate properly and causes “out of battery” failures to fire.

In spite of the many virtues of the traditional inertia system, the shortcoming referenced above prevented widespread adoption of inertia operated shotguns among military and police forces.

The RETAY Inertia Plus bolt is the world's most advanced inertia operated rotating bolt. It eliminates bolt head lock up by using a torsion mechanism inside the bolt carrier to actively force the bolt head into battery each and every time. If the bolt is jarred out of battery the mechanism instantly returns the bolt to battery and ready position.

“I believe the RETAY Inertia Plus ™ System is a game changer for inertia operated shotguns within the M&P communities and we are going to see the Masai Mara Warden soon adopted by police forces and eventually militaries because it represents a platform with the simplicity and reliability of inertia without the drawbacks of many of the previous inertia systems.”

The Masai Mara Warden will have a Retail MSRP of $899.00 See it on display for the first time at this years SHOT SHOW-RETAY ARMS booth 528 and a press conference will be held in the shot show media media room on Thursday January 24th at 1-1:45 PM

Questions and Inquiries should directed to Retay US Operations ℅ sales@retayusa.com

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